About Me

Welcome to KhaliphaNtloko.Blog, where I’m sharing my latest loves and musings for all things Lifestyle and Beauty but still continuing my journey of becoming an Inspiration to as many people as I can. This blog is my online journal, and I’m inviting YOU to take a read!

As a South African blogger, creating content is my passion, and I want to indulge with you the aspects of the Lifestyle and Beauty industry that I love – food, fashion, makeup, travel, events, and beauty care. With these little loves of mine, together with my zest for writing and photography, I hope to bring you authentic and quality content that you’ll find relatable and filled with tips, tricks, and info that you can personally use.

Alongside the BA in Sociology and BA Honours in Industrial Sociology degrees I’ve managed to obtain, blogging has been a 2-year experience so far, with plans to keep my writing passion going well into the future. Although I am the former author and editor of the Always Rise Blog, my journey of becoming a phenomenal woman determined to rise still continues. Only this time, I have chosen to embody my name, become brave and move forward in such a way that I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same.


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