Avon CARE Restoring Range

I put my hair through some interesting moments in 2018 – from wigs and coloured braids to relaxed and then finally doing the big chop, my hair was in need of nourishing care as I entered 2019.

Although I had the idea of going platinum blond and cutting my hair even shorter, I needed to take care of my newly cut head. Starting from my scalp and roots is what my hair care regime needed to address, and when I got the Avon CARE Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner last Christmas, I knew that this was exactly what my hair needed.

As a girl who prefers oils that are infused in my haircare products for added nourishment, I was happy to know that this range contains coconut oil (which can help with stimulating hair growth and preventing hair breakage). Having hair care products enriched with oils is really important for me because my hair is prone to some serious breakage. So already, that was a plus for me on this range.

Outside of the packaging (which I actually love), the Shampoo and Conditioners don’t have an overbearing coconut scent to it. I tend to associate scents with chemicals, and if I can smell an unnatural amount of fragrance in a particular product, I question how many chemicals are in it, and in turn, how gentle the product may be. But the Avon Hair Care Restoring range has a mild fragrance – enough for your hair to smell like a tropical island, but not so harsh that your scalp is burning. Another plus from me!

Another positive is how great this range is working out for my hair type. I’ve had to pay closer attention to the hair products I use on my hair because the results are never really consistent, and with all the treatments and hair changes I do, my natural hair goes through the works. I don’t know how many hair type charts I’ve Googled to figure out my curl pattern, but I’m in the 4B zone – a loose afro with medium coils closer to my scalp. With this comes shrinkage and having curls prone to dryness (see why I need extra nourishment?)

But this is an area where I’ve seen this Avon range work well. My hair looks and feels more revitalised after every wash and has a healthy amount of shine. I’m going into my second month of use and these 400ml bottles are just about almost half finished. For R49.90, I’m not mad at the price because this is the general price range I spend in for hair care products.

My only downside is how accessible this range is. I prefer going into the store to physically purchase hair care products (gives me a chance to smell them too), but Avon has an online store that you can check out here. Other than that, I give this range a solid 4.5/5. It’s treated me so well and I know I will be back to get more – I just wish they had a store to make that easier :’)

2 thoughts on “Avon CARE Restoring Range

  1. I’ve also been impatient with Avon’s previous order process, I’m glad they’ve now got an online option. I love their hair products… I’m not a fan of washing my own hair but lucky for me, my hairdresser allows me to bring my own products. Definitely going to check these out.


    1. Sometimes I wish Avon had a physical store for me to go see and smell their products. But that’s really cool that you can bring your own product to your hairdresser! I had no idea that was possible! And let me know your thoughts when you try these out πŸ’›


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